Madame Caramel can dominate you in so many different ways: she can be glamorous and sexy, your own ‘lady of the house’ wearing elegant couture fashion to tease and thrill you; or she can be erotically dressed in a variety of uniforms, latex or rubber wear, demonstrating her slightly sadistic side; or for the really bad boys out there she can be a ruthless, aggressive and controlling black bitch who will make you pay for your insolence. Madame Caramel loves all types of situations and can expertly create any scenario you can envisage.

Madame Caramel has a preference for mature slaves, those that know exactly how to surrender completely to her but she also relishes the opportunity to train novice slaves to her exacting standards. Her maximum pleasure though comes from sessions with lifestyle slaves that live and breathe BDSM and give total and complete control to her, trusting her as she builds their pain and pleasure towards an ecstatic crescendo.

I am very experienced with dealing with all requests from experienced slaves and those dipping their toe into my world for the first time. You cannot shock me with your wicked thoughts, but I hope to surprise you by showing you delights you never imagined possible.

I also work with another Mistress and often have slaves (female and male) join me in my sessions. If you are lucky your pleasure will be heightened incredibly by their presence, but you cannot request them, they are Madame’s special gift for special clients.

My sessions are held at 3 fully equipped dungeons, discretely based in Central London near to Warren Street tube station, Bethnal Green and Plaistow.

There is one room, though, where secrets are kept that can not escape. This room is dark and the shadows mean that what stays inside that room can never be let out. Dare you step inside? All of the above pleasures are closer than you think. In the heart of the city, in the appropriately named 'Stunners' club in London, the theatre and the play of Club Black Whip are acted out on the first Wednesday of every month. No, she more than requires it, she demands it. You have already entered the date in your diary and you know that it is time to play, that you too will soon be able to enter the hallowed Club Black Whip.

Madame Caramel is the club's premier hostess and will be greeting and receiving all Members. Mistress will provide advice on how to use the dungeon equipment, proper etiquette and general club policies. Madame Caramel will also be available for 1-2-1 short session. Your personal things will be stored safely, if you wish, but a small fee will charged. All those attending are encouraged to approach Madame Caramel and politely request any requirements they may be in need of. I sometimes work with another Mistress and often have slaves (female and male) join me in my sessions. If you are lucky your pleasure will be heightened incredibly by their presence, but you cannot request them, they are Madame’s special gift for special clients.

The most exclusive places for your first date

Most men get pretty nervous on their first dates because they do not know how to impress their date. With so many ideas of exclusive places where you could take her, you should rest assured that your plans will never fail. Whether you are a romantic kind of guy, or you definitely look for some animated locations, check out the most unique destinations that will make a good subject even for your erotic – blog posts.

Prepare yourself for a memorable experience in the lands of Dubai with a unique dinner at the luxurious Majlis Al Bahar restaurant. Surprise one of your favorite London escorts you took from with a private romantic setting on the beach near the famous Burj Al Arab hotel and take pleasure in every second you spend together with your graceful partner. For most escorts, a delicious meal combined with a breathtaking view and elegant environment are great ingredients for an outstanding date.

As the pretty ladies from the adult industry love the vibrant nightlife, you can invite your lover to a night filled with laughter, dance and drinks at the Chlosterli Club, Switzerland in the heart of the Alps Mountains and take advantage of the glamourous decor and magical lightening. You will see plenty of gentlemen enrapt by their attractive London escorts on the dance floor, students on vacation and large group of friends who come for the amazing entertainment.

Underwater places are a great choice for the escorts who look for an aquamarine adventure on their date. London is home to a gorgeous Sea Life Aquarium where you can walk hand in hand with your sexy girl through the water tunnel and discover the beauty of turtles, sharks and a themed room. Mix food with a glass tunnel restaurant in the Conrad Resort in the Maldives and you will be left speechless by the mesmerizing views of the sea.

Since Ibiza, Spain is famous for its one of a kind ambiance, swing by the finest restaurant and feast you taste buds with an explosion of colored flavors while you take joy in the vivid projections that will offer an incredible spectacle you will never forget. Book a reservation at Sublimotion and be part of the gastronomical show combined with technology so all your senses will be captivated during your taste session.

Offer your sweetheart a royal treatment in the penthouse of President Wilson Hotel and make her stay in Geneva worthwhile. From extravagant art and décor to chef, 12 bedrooms, private elevator, helipad and much more, you will certainly enjoy the exquisite place for your getaway. Make sure you plan a fascinating dinner date in the comfort of the dreamy suite and savor every moment of the precious time you share with your special someone.

If you crave a different kind of feel in your hotel room, go for Fiji’s Poseidon Undersea Resort and you will surely create some splendid memories in one of the twenty suites located in a large coral paradise. Keep in mind that no matter what place you choose, you should always prepare beforehand so that your scenario runs smoothly and your companion feels happy. Explore the numerous options and pick something exclusive for your first date!